Centiment Basic ™

Search Interface

Here we display a graphical ticker of granular sentiment for securities, where the user navigates various views of the sentiment’s effect.



The dashboard comes in two versions: ‘Basic’ and ‘Professional’. Users are presented with an overall statistical rating, with supporting statistics, as well as analyst notes.


Complex Modeling

Here we see an example profile of SPX futures. Options include:

Rating: the prediction of risk on a given day or time.
Trend: the chart of predictions for the security vs. the actual security values.
By Cohort: the comparison of a basket of similarly classified securities.
Record: an area for analyst annotated notes on the subject.
Source: the content from Bloomberg (widget needed)


Statistical Rating

SPX’s rating is in relation to the other profiles. Here, we see its overall numeric rating in the system, the probability (or confidence) in this rating, keywords that are specific to its profile, and the date that this particular assessment was made. Displayed variables are:

  • Result: this model predicts a Forecast Delta, which in this case is negative 1.25. There is a corresponding visual graph on the right that says ‘Negative’.
  • Previous Price: a made up value for the price of the security (such as SPX options or E-Minis).
  • Probability: the probability (statistical confidence) in this particular rating.
  • Keywords: These are keywords that were particular to this model (Examples are purely random)
  • Date of Prediction: the date that the prediction was created (vs. a predicted date)

Time Series/Trends

We can view the collection of predictions for SPX, so as to look for trends. Much like a physician looks for a heartbeat, we can provide a “behavioral ticker.”


By Cohort

We can visualize where SPX’s rating is in relation to the other user profiles.


Analyst Notes

Analysts can add notes, specific to the securities they are observing. The combined analysis of online text, as well as the annotated observations, provides a broader picture of text driven risk.


Source Content

If a risk profile suddenly changes, or if we want to drill down on specific wording or phrases, we can view the original content from the various source networks.

Note: Functionality restricted for Bloomberg users.